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TPMS Warehouse, UK Suppliers of TPMS Sensors, Service Kits & Programming Tools

TPMS Warehouse supplies a wide range of Aftermarket TPMS sensors for over 60 Vehicle Manufacturers with a 99.9% coverage, so you can assure we stock a compatible sensor for your car. With our unrivaled support and prices starting at only £45 it's easy to see why TPMS Warehouse is the preferred choice for replacement TPMS Sensors. Check your vehicle compatibility now with our vehicle lookup.

At TPMS Warehouse all sensors are pre-programmed for your vehicle prior to shipping however during the fitting / relearn process.
over 35% of vehicles require additional dealer level programming, TPMS Warehouse offers a cloning service to prevent these additional costs. Check your Vehicle just enter your vehicle details or registration above or contact one of our support team using Online Chat, email info@tpmswarehouse.co.uktelephone 01254 301021 or Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

What If My TPMS Sensor Needs Replacing

If the TPMS warning light is illuminated on your vehicles dashboard it will usually indicate a pressure drop in one or more of the vehicles tyres & needs immediate attention, however if the light is on due to sensor malfunction, usually due to battery failure, or physical damage, then the sensor will require replacement, use our vehicle search facility or contact one of our team for help finding the correct replacement.
Installing the replacement sensor will require tyre removal by a professional tyre fitter, the old sensor removing and the replacement sensor fitting correctly to the manufacturer's specifications.
After fitting the sensor will require pairing with your car, the pairing procedure can usually be found in the vehicles handbook alternatively use our vehicle lookup or call a member of staff. The relearn procedure may be as simple as driving the car for a few miles, alternatively your vehicle may require dealer level programming and will incur additional installation costs, however this cost can be avoided by cloning the replacement sensor to the old sensor thus creating an exact copy, usually all we need is a number printed on your old sensor so don’t throw it away just yet, cloning would be done prior to shipping ask one of our team for details.