Tesla Model S 2012-2014 Replacement TPMS Sensor

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Replacement Alligator Sens.it TPMS Sensor for Tesla Model S

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Replacement Alligator Sens.it TPMS Sensor for Tesla Model S

Aug/2012 – Oct/2014

OEM Part number – 1010938-00A (Silver rims)

OEM Part number – 1010938-01-A (Black rims)


Alligator Sens.it TPMS Sensor for Tesla Model S + Sens.it Ball Joint Stem with Valve RS3 / RS1 – Silver

Programmable with compatible programmers and with the Alligator Sens.it system.

The sens.it® sensor is equivalent to the original sensor and has the same level of functionality and quality. ALLIGATOR’s Original Equipment tire valve and the world’s smallest Tire Pressure Sensor electronics, for metal valves, are connected using ALLIGATOR’s patented Ball-Joint Technology. The Ball-Joint enables the flexible assembly of the sensor on most steel and aluminum rims on the market today. This sensor isn’t supplied with a valve and stems The aluminum valve consists of a high-quality aluminum alloy that is additionally protected against corrosion by an anodized layer.







Please refer to the relearning procedure below

Relearn procedure: Drive

  • Apply handbrake.
  • Inflate tyres to correct pressure.
  • Turn ignition to ON.
  • If replacement sensors have been fitted, ensure all sensors are set to “Park”.
  • Sensors for this vehicle that show “Park” or “Drive” when read are already in the correct mode, otherwise use the “Set to Park” command in the Relearn Toolkit.
  • Vehicle may need to be stationary for 20 minutes before driving.
  • Drive vehicle above 24kmh (15mph) for a minimum of 10 minutes.