Mazda MX-5 2018+ Replacement TPMS Sensor

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Replacement Schrader EZ-Sensor for Mazda MX-5 Aug 2018+

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Replacement Schrader EZ-Sensor for Mazda MX-5

Aug 2018+

OEM Part number – GS1D37140

Schrader EZ-Sensor 433Mhz

EZ-sensor® is compatible with all required TPMS installation, re-learn, and verification functions. Features Schrader’s patented snap-in TPMS valve, with aluminum stem options, to help minimize installation time. It is also “future-proofed” against current and pending OE technology, including auto-location features.




Please refer to the relearning procedure below

Relearn procedure: Drive

  • Apply parking brake
  • Inflate all tyres to correct pressure
  • Turn Ignition ON
  • Turn back to OFF
  • Wait for 15 minutes.
  • Ensure sensors are in “Park Mode”. Sensors for this vehicle that show “Park” or “Drive” when read are already in the correct mode, otherwise use the “Set to Park” command in the Relearn Toolkit.
  • Drive vehicle above 24 kph (15mph)
  • Sensors will be relearned