Dodge Nitro 2007-2012 Tyre Pressure Monitor (TPMS)

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Dodge Nitro Replacement TPMS Sensor Feb/2007 – Dec/2012

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Dodge Nitro Replacement TPMS Sensor

Feb/2007 – Dec/2012

OEM part number – 68078768AA (Clamp-in valve)

OEM Part number – 56029481AB (Snap-in valve)



Huf-Clamp-in universal TPMS sensor

Huf IntelliSens 433Mhz

Manufactured by Huf (formerly Beru)

Frequency 433 MHz

The IntelliSens is the direct-measurement universal sensor from Huf offering the greatest accuracy and compatible with the systems of all car models. The universal sensor is a pre-programmed sensor for direct-measurement tire pressure monitoring systems. All of the information needed is already on the sensor and only has to be configured. The technical design of the configurable sensor cuts down on installation time, and the waiting time is shortened even further when the IntelliSens is installed during tire changes – for instance, when switching between summer and winter tires.

Torque Nut: 4Nm-35in-lbs

Torque Screw: 4Nm-35in-lbs

Torque Core: 0.5Nm-4in-lbs

Relearn Procedure Drive

  • Apply parking brake
  • Inflate tyres to correct pressure
  • The vehicle will need to be stationary for a minimum of 15 min
  • If required, place the vehicle into relearn mode using the appropriate dashboard controls
  • Drive above 20mph until the new sensor IDs are learned by the vehicle
  • This may take up to 20minuets depending on the vehicle.