BMW 8 Series 2019+ G14,G15,G16 Replacement TPMS Sensor

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Replacement Schrader TPMS sensor for BMW 7 Series Oct/2015+

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Replacement Schrader TPMS sensor for BMW 8 Series


OEM part number 36 10 6 887 147

Schrader EZ-Sensor 433Mhz

EZ-sensor® is compatible with all required TPMS installation, re-learn, and verification functions. Features Schrader’s patented snap-in TPMS valve, with aluminum stem options, to help minimize installation time. It is also “future-proofed” against current and pending OE technology, including auto-location features.





Please refer to the relearn procedure below

Relearn Procedure – Drive

    • if replacement sensors have been fitted, vehicle will need to be stationary for a minimum of 15 min.
    • if required, place the vehicle into the relearn mode using the appropriate dashboard controls.
    • drive above 20mph until the new sensor IDs are learned by the vehicle.
    • This may take up to 20 minutes depending on the model.