BMW 5 Series 1998-2009 E39 Tyre Pressure Monitor (TPMS)

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Replacement Schrader TPMS sensor for BMW 4 Series Mar/2017+

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Replacement Schrader TPMS sensor for BMW 5 Series


OEM part number 36 11 8 378 682

Schrader EZ-Sensor 433Mhz

EZ-sensor® is compatible with all required TPMS installation, re-learn, and verification functions. Features Schrader’s patented snap-in TPMS valve, with aluminum stem options, to help minimize installation time. It is also “future-proofed” against current and pending OE technology, including auto-location features.



Please refer to the relearn procedure below

Relearn Procedure – Drive

iDrive Model

  • Apply handbrake.
  • Inflate tyres to correct pressure.
  • Turn ignition ON.
  • Press iDrive.
  • Select SETTINGS.
  • Press iDrive.
  • Select CAR/TYRES.
  • Press iDrive.
  • Switch to top field “Tyres RDC”.
  • Press iDrive.
  • Start engine.
  • Press iDrive.
  • Drive vehicle.

Non iDrive model.

  • Start engine.
  • Hold turn signal until TPMS RESET.
  • Press button near end of lever.
  • Press HOLD button.
  • Drive vehicle.