With a programmable TPMS sensor, the coverage of that sensor is only as good as the last tool’s update you’ve installed on it. Much like your mobile phone or desktop PC, TPMS tool manufacturers issue software updates to their tools to improve performance, deliver new features and extend the range of vehicle coverage for sensors it programs.

TPMS is becoming increasingly advanced too since the expectations of vehicle owners and manufacturers are becoming more demanding. Manufacturers of TPMS tools and sensors work closely together to ensure TPMS tools have new features and vehicle coverage work correctly. However, if you’re not regularly and properly updating your TPMS tools, you won’t be able to provide these new features and coverage to your customers.

In addition, the key reason of technical support tickets for sensor and tool manufacturers is not updating the TPMS tools. Fortunately, it’s easy to remedy as updates can occur right at the service centre.

Making TPMS Tool Updates Part of Your Centre’s Procedure

When it comes to updating TPMS tools there are two lines of thought. The first is that some TPMS tools have Wi-Fi integrated, so they can automatically update. While it can save a lot of time, it’s still worth manually checking to make sure the updates have been installed as sometimes Wi-Fi passwords can be changed or routers are replaced.

If you don’t have Wi-Fi enabled TPMS tools, you should consider either delegating someone within your business or take ownership of the responsibility yourself to register and keep the tools updated. Good examples for delegation for this include a service advisor, lead technician or the service centre manager.

Whether your tools have Wi-Fi capabilities or not, you’ll want to make sure you’re on the email lists of the manufacturers for both sensors and tools. This will give you updates on the latest features and coverage. Ensure, however, that the email address you use is regularly monitored by your business.


Keep your TPMS tools updated is crucial in ensuring you provide the best and most efficient service for your customers. Don’t waste lengthy amounts of time thinking it could be a problem with the sensors when it could be something as simple as a software update.