Bartec TECH600 TPMS Tool


With the New Bartec TECH600, forget about the frustrations of getting the incorrect service kits or wasting time dismantling a wheel to get to the sensor.

The TECH600 Can determine whether the sensor it has just read is an OE or Aftermarket & Also tell you the manufacturer.


Its easy to use and boasts a range of time saving features to help get the job done quicker with no added hassle, Combine the machine with Bartec’s free TPMS Desktop to create job reports, Automatic Software updates.

Bartec TECH600 Added Features

  • Works with all major programmable sensors
  • WLAN and Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Wireless charging
  • More on-board DTC information
  • New easier-to-use menu flow
  • New ergonomic enclosure
  • Model year 2020/21 coverage
  • Comprehensive audit report
  • Works with ‘TPMS Desktop’



Bartec TECH600 Added Benefits

  • No longer a requirement to drop the tyre pressure or use a 2nd tool to read certain vehicles.
  • Onboard sounder warns you if the BT OBDII interface is left in the vehicle
  • Live updates via WiFi
  • Multi-programming of more than one sensor at a time
  • Training tips and tricks related to TPMS
  • No OBD cables required
  • Free TPMS desktop PC program
  • The most accurate coverage, including manufacturer, make, model, month and year
  • Detailed relearn procedures that include indirect vehicle resetting
  • Market leading OBD relearn coverage



Technical Specification

  • 8″ colour display and robust rubber housing
  • Wall-mounted or desktop charging cradle with integral holder for the BT OBDII
  • Long-range BT connectivity
  • Status light visible from any angle
  • WiFi
  • Robust ergonomic housing
  • Intuitive menu
  • Available in 20+ languages
  • TPMS diagnostics via OBD Analysis
  • Automatic sensor identification
  • Dimensions: 187mm x 107mm x 47mm
  • Weight: 375g

Bartec TECH600