As we all should know, tyres are a vital part of operating vehicles. So it should come to no surprise that regular maintenance and upkeep is the key to both keeping costs down and keeping safety high.

A good way to do this is to perform inspections before you begin your trip, which can catch small problems or faults before they become a bigger concern. This decreases your chance of breaking down and increases the lifespan of your tyres. This is proven to decrease the amount of fuel used in a journey, another way that this keeps costs low.

Tyre pressure wheels
Tyre safety is a vital part of driving

Under/over inflation can be a HUGE factor in breakdown and tyre wear/failure. As shown in one of our previous articles Did You Know? TPMS Can Give False Warnings due to Winter Weather, changes in weather affect tyre pressures, whether through cold or warm weather. Under/over inflated tyres also affect fuel economy, costing you money in the long term. The first recommended thing to do when performing pre-trip checks is to check your tyre pressure and, depending on the result, inflating or deflating it to the recommended psi (as shown in your vehicle handbook or on the tyres side wall).

Nowadays, most cars come with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), which makes this procedure a lot easier. Being notified as soon as your tyre pressure gets below a certain acceptable level can do wonders into identifying and fixing issues before they become problems in the long run. Though remember, even though the warning light has come on, it is up to you the driver to report any problems to get them fixed, usually best done by a professional.

It always helps to have a plan when starting a journey, so don’t be caught out, always be vigilant of issues with the wheels of your car.

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