What are TPMS Relearn procedures ?

It is important to be aware of how your new TPMS will relearn and be accepted to your vehicle.

There are three types of TPMS relearn procedures:

1.       Drive & Auto TPMS Relearn

Approximately 40% of vehicles can learn a single new ID and in some cases multiple new ID’s can be simultaneously auto relearned without the use of any tools. Some vehicles will require a specific drive time to extinguish the warning light or for the driver to reset via a procedure in the manual.

2.       Stationary TPMS Relearn

Approximately 25% of vehicles require the use of an activation tool whilst the car is in relearn mode, and new ID’s can be programmed whilst the vehicle is stationary.

3.       OBD Port –  Activation / Scan Tool

Approximately 35% of vehicles will require either an activation tool in conjunction with a scan tool to program every new sensor.  This will not require the vehicle to be driven.

Cloning Service – by using our cloning service you can avoid the relearn procedures altogether, as we will clone your replacement sensors and your vehicle will accept them as if they were the originals. This will ultimately save you time and money!

At the TPMS Warehouse we can advise you how which relearn procedure will be required, in 99% of vehicles we can pre-program your TPMS sensors to clone your originals which will ensure an easy Auto-learn process.